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The artists over at Pictoplasma academy are producing some pretty amazing stuff.

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Odani Motohiko’s Phantom Limb

Photos courtesy of Mori Art Museum

Photographer, videographer and sculptor Motohiko Odani has designed a series of elaborate carvings around the body and the flow of energy they emit.

The concept of qi has no equivalent in the West. In Chinese and Japanese culture, there is a distinction between both intangible and material, a subtle substance released from a coarser material. Its translation is given in the series of white sculptures installed at Hollow Forum. They interpret, their shapes, the aura, the physical presence and its ghosts. They transcend the dynamics of life, death and eroticism.

Apollo and Daphne transforms the body vegetation JellyFish evokes water in its depiction of a jellyfish whose body is 95% liquid … These works suggest a slow movement, a model of anti-gravity.

Breath, vital energy, ethereal vapor emerging from the body subjected to various sensory and spiritual emotions are at the heart of this research. The artist strives to represent the dynamics by capturing moments of pain or ecstasy by carving techniques and different materials. He sculpts cut by the meandering flow of energy, the weightless bodies subjected to physical and mental twists.

These white bodies emptied of air, the Hollow, remain as hollow shells. The exhibition space is flooded with emotions related to love or pain. Motohiko Odani offers an experience of awakening to new sensations.

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FORMING Series - by Will Kim
Animated with Watercolor on Paper
Forming an Eye, Forming a Man, Forming a Door, and Forming Sky

I have put together all the forming series I had done and posted in the past in one post. I was mainly interested in my eye transition between two or more things I see at the same time. I think there are some unknown beauty inbetween multiple things…

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Engraved Zippo lighters from the Vietnam War.

Cowan’s Auctions

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“There are only patterns, patterns on top of patterns, patterns that affect other patterns. Patterns hidden by patterns. Patterns within patterns. If you watch close, history does nothing but repeat itself. What we call chaos is just patterns we haven’t recognized. What we call random is just patterns we can’t decipher. what we can’t understand we call nonsense. What we can’t read we call gibberish. There is no free will. There are no variables.”

Chuck Palahniuk, Survivor

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